It's not a two-piece romper; it's matching top and shorts.

Also, the United States of America is founded on genocide, colonialism, and the benefit of landed white slavers so.

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Everyone is like what are you doing this upcoming holiday and I’m like enjoying AC because it’s gonna be 90s and humid.

Today's did not accept "futch" as a word and that's homophobic.

TIL the term "Boston Brahmin" and it just sounds like appropriative elite nonsense.

Concert tickets are so expensive! (Insert sadface.)

It’s not that social media activism isn’t activism but that, just as with any action, success isn’t guaranteed, especially without organizing.

Don't ignore the horror but find joy when you can. Joy is healing. Heal yourself when you need it.

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You aren't betraying any person or cause if you find joy in your life. In fact, that joy is what should sustain you through tough and stressful times and actions. Joy combats horror.

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Being constantly angry and outraged at the constantly terrible world events means that you have basic human empathy but it also means that you are being constantly traumatized.

Remember that you can't help others unless you help yourself first.

I'm being glib and there's a lot more going on in that article but really the framing clearly was "moderates who love the police are disappearing and it's so sad".

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Just read a piece on the shrinking coalition of the moderate Democrat and I'm like yes good.

We need to change how we reify romantic and sexual relationships. Seeing that there are many more ways to have relationships helps us join in solidarity. Celebrate the relationships that ALL women have with ALL women.

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For women, creating and sustaining beautiful relationships with other women is important. But they don't have to be romantic or sexual. Platonic relationships aren't any lesser than romantic or sexual ones.

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Compulsory heterosexuality is a thing but not all women who are attracted to men are unliberated souls who need to reject men as an metaphor for rejecting patriarchy.

I'm a wee bit sad that they're demolishing The Pit in Harvard Square but I hear that it is not ADA compliant so.

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