My body is a temple!

To sleeping in until noon with my cat.

To clarify, if someone tells you that they're not a girl and you keep on calling them a girl, that's super rude.

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At first, I felt like Janet's repeated "not a girl" from The Good Place was funny but now it just feels like repeated misgendering.

Just got a mailer from the Workers Party of MA. Anyone have any insights/opinions on them?

Why is a 10-minute walk in the woods forever longer than a 10-minute walk down the city block?

I tend to measure by time considering that my commute is East Cambridge to Mid-Cambridge.

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I do watch the Try Guys and I do have opinions but mostly I’m just a nosy busybody who loves the latest messy hot goss.

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My slut era never ended. It’s just that now primarily benefits from my slutty sluttiness.

My slut ear never ended. It’s just that now primarily benefits from my slutty sluttiness.

PBS continues to be educational, exploring subcultures such as furrydom.

TIL Rachel Dolezal has her OF photos leaked.

She’s still a racist ass but one injustice doesn’t correct another.

TIL about homework submissives. Not shaming your kink but 1) don’t prey on children and 2) I don’t think any of y’all could have done my grad school work.

Example: The intersection of race and sexual attraction. Sex positivity IME doesn’t explore this but one has to or your sex positivity will be racist.

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The idea was meant to be the next step beyond sex positivity: Instead of just responding to the stigma of sex, one needs to think about the oppressions that imbue sex and sexuality. I’m still totally behind the concept but got no name for it.

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I used to identify as “sex critical” in contrast to “sex positive” and “sex negative” but it sounds too close to “gender critical” so I very quickly stopped.

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