I've seen enough threads where people who have had COVID talk about worse cognitive function. To those people, I would like to say, "Welcome to brain damage. It's a long, disabled ride."

And as a TBI survivor, I mean it.

If you had COVID and now have worse cognitive function, what should you do?

I am not a doctor. However, as someone who has a traumatic brain injury (TBI), my recommendations: 1) Note with detail what's different about you and when it happens

2) Research as much as you can about COVID and brain infection/damage; 3) If you have access to doctors, request a cognitive test; 4) Look up "executive dysfunction" and see what community is near you and what they have to offer in tips on how to survive.

(NB: The cognitive test will likely be an IQ test. Take it with a grain of salt regarding "intelligence" but it does an okay job at measuring whether your recall is around the population median or not.)

Doctors should know that COVID affects the brain; it's not new news. So demand them to investigate and see if it is brain damage.

But at the same time, medicine is still learning a lot about how COVID affects the brain and what to do about it. So be patient.


I'm happy to talk to anyone who is experiencing cognitive dysfunction! Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I can't answer your medical questions but I can help you feel less alone.

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