Being constantly angry and outraged at the constantly terrible world events means that you have basic human empathy but it also means that you are being constantly traumatized.

Remember that you can't help others unless you help yourself first.

You aren't betraying any person or cause if you find joy in your life. In fact, that joy is what should sustain you through tough and stressful times and actions. Joy combats horror.

Don't ignore the horror but find joy when you can. Joy is healing. Heal yourself when you need it.

@amber there is a band for wich i have a certain affection who try to apply this approach to its music, i think : Idles.

They've called one of their albums "Joy as an act of resistance", and it's quite a fitting title, as their music and their shows are both full of joy and fun *and* anger and revolt.

@amber "constantly traumatized" -- absolutely agree with you. It's a whole running program of trauma...

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