Cognitive/intellectual disability is still disability.

That's right. All your insults about intelligence and brain damage are ableist.


By the way, July is also . Take it upon yourself to learn how intelligence is a construct, how brain types have been used to justify oppression, and how brain damage is a disability that many people live with.

And if you're using intelligence as a measure of education (or vice versa), you're ALSO being classist.

But back to brains: As someone who has studied brains AND has a brain injury, seeing people use euphemisms (or sometimes just spelling it out literally) for brain damage is hurtful and disappointing.

Hurtful because it's personal but disappointing because I see self-identified leftists/liberals/SJWs show that they don't care about people with disabilities, especially when it comes to cognition, brains, or intelligence.

We reify "correct" education and opinions so much, we think that people who don't have them MUST have something wrong with them and that problem MUST be biological.

Do you not see how we are turning SOCIAL problems (access to education and socialization) into BIOLOGICAL ones?

"Smooth brained", "brain melted", "stupid", "illogical" are all terms/concepts that biologically essentialize PEOPLE BEING OPPRESSIVE BIGOTS by blaming it on "wrong brains" and disability.

FFS if you can understand that gender/sexuality/class are social constructs with status hierarchies, then you can understand that intelligence, education attainment, and "intact brains" are constructs that do the same thing.

Just leave us with cognitive disabilities and brain damage alone. Getting hit on the head doesn't make us TERFs. Having executive dysfunction doesn't make us racist. Living with an intellectual disability doesn't make us less of a person.

It's not just about the words. It's about how you think about people and how you value other humans.

We do not lose value just because we're disabled.

@amber Thank you so much for your posts! I truly hope one day people will just leave us alone and stop mocking and oppressing us...

@amber Thank you for this thread. I needed this to keep trying to be a better person.

@amber It bothers me so much whenever someone is a bigot and the first thing soneone jumps to is that they're '''uneducated'''. first off, the public education system (at leadt where i live) is not friendly to disabled people, secondly it is a privilege to get an education at all, let alone go to a good school, and thirdly you're both tying education to intelligence and tying intelligence to morality.

there are lots of people with world class educations who are total dickheads. Jordan Peterson has a PhD and that never stopped him from being a bigot. My Opa had an elementary school education and he was a good and open minded man.

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