All labor requires your body. This “selling your body” nonsense in regards to sex work is just stigma.

So I’ve been seeing some comparisons between (full service) sex work and “renting your body”. Surprise! We’re all doing that when we sell our labor.


IMO it’s also not okay to say that sex work is “renting out your body” because we ALL “rent out” our bodies (and services) AND it still implies temporary ownership.

No one owns your body but you.

Also, stop conflating consensual sex work with sex trafficking. In fact, forcing people to work in unlawful conditions makes trafficking worse and harder to detect.

And there are people saying that I just wanna be a sex worker as if that’s insulting. Lemme just say 1) been there and done that, 2) sex work is not degrading but capitalist kyriarchy is, and 3) leave your prejudice outta my mentions.

Not muting because I want to celebrate people who respect sex work and to block SWERFs. But if you’re still here, please support your local sex worker activist organization! Find ones that support FULL decriminalization and help sex workers with material needs.

Need a place to start supporting sex workers? Try supporting and Read Revolting Prostitutes to learn about policies that support sex workers.

Please comment below for more orgs/people to support and articles/books to read!

@amber Melissa Gira Grant’s “Playing the Whore” was my first proper introduction to sex worker rights and the concept of carceral feminism. I used to follow some UK activists on twitter but that was a long time ago - English Collective of Prostitutes are worth searching, though

@amber yeah it would be a lot easier to find bad stuff going on if morally neutral things weren't also illegal with them
Because if someone went to a consenting sex worker there could be documentation of it like in the worker's books or whatever

@amber not to mention, sex trafficking is a tiny portion of overall labor trafficking but guess what gets the most attention. Not to say sex trafficking isn't important or horrifying, but the comparative apathy toward other forms of labor trafficking tells me the disproportionate disparity in reaction is mostly stigma.


I mean the critique of sex work means nothing if it isn't also a critique of all work as essentially no better or worse, just another form of the same sort of exploitation that we point out in the case of sex work because of cultural taboos against sex. Sex work can be particularly degrading, and reliant of patriarchal oppression, but it is not the only form of labor that is (Indeed basically every form of labor is similar in this regard)

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