Wondering if/when Long COVID brain fog will be recognized as TBI.


I have a TBI and lots of Long COVID brain fog symptoms are familiar to me. So if you have COVID brain fog, know that you’re not alone and that there’s a whole community of us folks with brain damage here to help.

COVID is a mass disabling event, for cognitive disabilities, too. It can be so hard not being able to think or do anything. But that doesn’t lessen your value. It just means that you need help, either literally getting things done or habits that help you do so.

Lots of executive dysfunction tips are for ADHD so browse that literature and take what’s useful. But most importantly, be kind to yourself. Brain damage is a hard condition and identity to carry. It comes with lots of stigma. But you got this. It’s doable.

Back to my OP: Not sure if COVID brain fog would be classified as TBI because by definition the trauma needs to be sudden. So who knows. But brain damage is a familiar condition to many people and our symptoms do vary but that doesn’t mean we don’t understand the challenges.

@maloki Habitica might help there... gamification of your real life.

@amber Sorry about the confusion... you were the one who was supposed to get the previous tag. I find that at least for keeping an active to do list, one where I actually get stuff done, is Habitica. It gamifies your everyday life. not sure how much use gamification is for folks with cognative differences, though.

@amber I really feel this, from my second time with the virus. I really can't concentrate the way I used to

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