@kissmeagainarthas What I can gather is these people are anon so I don't know how old they are but they SHOULD NOT BE CONTACTING MINORS.

My body is a temple!

To sleeping in until noon with my cat.

To clarify, if someone tells you that they're not a girl and you keep on calling them a girl, that's super rude.

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At first, I felt like Janet's repeated "not a girl" from The Good Place was funny but now it just feels like repeated misgendering.

Just got a mailer from the Workers Party of MA. Anyone have any insights/opinions on them?

Why is a 10-minute walk in the woods forever longer than a 10-minute walk down the city block?

I tend to measure by time considering that my commute is East Cambridge to Mid-Cambridge.

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I do watch the Try Guys and I do have opinions but mostly I’m just a nosy busybody who loves the latest messy hot goss.

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My slut era never ended. It’s just that now @johnmtowey@twitter.com primarily benefits from my slutty sluttiness.

My slut ear never ended. It’s just that now @johnmtowey@twitter.com primarily benefits from my slutty sluttiness.

PBS continues to be educational, exploring subcultures such as furrydom.

TIL Rachel Dolezal has her OF photos leaked.

She’s still a racist ass but one injustice doesn’t correct another.

TIL about homework submissives. Not shaming your kink but 1) don’t prey on children and 2) I don’t think any of y’all could have done my grad school work.

Example: The intersection of race and sexual attraction. Sex positivity IME doesn’t explore this but one has to or your sex positivity will be racist.

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